My First Event as a Blogger: Jewellery Arabia Show 2013, Bahrain

Like a kid in Toys R Us, I walked by the sparkling booths of Jewellery Arabia Show 2013. Like a beehive, every hall bustled with jewelry buyers, enthusiasts, and bloggers. I enjoyed the noise and my very own noisy excitement: a first-time blogger in action. Being an artisan and a designer, I appreciated all the creativity that had manifested itself in many houses of jewelry showcasing their designs. Too many times I caught myself looking with an eye of a “designer” rather than a blogger! I enjoyed that too; an informed blogger me? Oui! Bvlgari, Chopard, Mont Blanc, Swarovski, Veschetti, Piguet, unusual designers like Gina Melosi, enchanting Arab designers like Azza Al Hujairi of Bahrain, L’atelier Nawbar of Lebanon, what more could I ask for? Nothing. After my first visit to the show, I went back home and in my baggage enough inspiration and joy to blog my way through and begin. So here I am. A designer blogger, loving the feel of both. Pleased to meet you.


What I wore to the last day of the show:


Clutch: Valentino
Sleeveless Top: Christian Lacroix
Silk Jacket: Maria Calderara


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