When Magic Meets Art

When magic meets art, Özlem Tuna happens. A master of her own craft, she weds stories to objects of art that she designs and creates. By naming her art pieces, she grants them existence and identity in a world that has become too mass-produced. An artist with a clear vision and many stories to tell, she’s made a distinctive mark in the art scene with her evocative designs, jewelry, home accessories, and bespoke items of value. Inspired by the magic that is Istanbul, a city that I personally adore, Özlem’s loyalty to her own culture that is drenched in artistic symbols and beautiful influences is obvious as she creatively incorporates it all into her craft. From Seagulls of the Bosphorus to the history of Kahve, her love transcends borders as she chases inspiration in cultures around her; she has a collection she named Zevk–Bahş (“Delight” in Persian), another called Arzu-Keş (Desire of the soul, also in Persian).

“Nothing happens without Aşk (Love),”

she says and believes; and how truly so. I felt her dedication to her talent and love for her work in her pieces and the way she talks about her art, with a passion so strong it’s unshakable. Özlem Tuna, this award-winning Turkish artist, is nothing less of a Zevk–Bahş! I personally enjoy her everyday through her Instagram: You can view her whole collection and order her artworks at www.ozlemtuna.com





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