Bahrain International Design Week Annual Exhibition, 5-7 December 2013

“Design” in an event title is always immensely attractive to me. I imagine brilliant people, brilliant ideas, creativity at its best, all under one big roof. What a treat! As a new blogger I felt lucky to have had the chance to walk through BIDW2013 booths and talk to the many nationalities and design lines exhibiting; Bahraini, Lebanese, Saudi, Romanian, Italian, Indian, Hungarian, and more, all well-prepared for and excited about this first-time show. Design is the essence of all walks of life; nothing could arise without it. This event was well-designed, with rich panel discussions and fashion shows, however one essential aspect I personally felt needed more attention from organizers was marketing, for both the event itself and its activity schedule. Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed this very first edition. It was a success in its own right. A lot of effort and thought have been put into making it a reality. I truly hope that in 2014 more focus is set on what 2013 could’ve used. Beginnings are always enjoyable yet can be quite tricky and challenging; BIDW 2013 had an all-together promising one. Wishing the organizers all the best, I look forward to BIDW 2014. Below are my picks from the event:

From Rome, Italy, Tania Marta Pezzuolo’s prototypes for her very interesting new line of clutches, in coral leather & grey carbon fiber, the latter made in collaboration with Ferrari craftsmen. Creative, post-modern, & catchy. Find Tania Marta on Instagram @taniamarta74



From Bahrain, gorgeous handmade cushions by Gazalle Bazaar, in collaboration with Reem Nass, Fatimah Al-Marzooq, Nujood Al-Dhaen, and Yasmin Ali. Every piece hides and discloses the stories of its maker. Very impressive how it all comes together. Find Gazalle on Instagram @gazalle11


Haraka of Bahrain was there too, adding a lot of colors to the overall ambience with its line of watches & wearable art. Find Haraka on Instagram @myharaka


Too cute end-of-year project by a Graphic-Design student from University College of Bahrain. Your car is bored? Entertain her with witty sayings on stickers and hilarious characters on tissue boxes, all found at Vroom Shop. One very important point: I found my cookie monstah there! Find them on Instagram @vroom_shop


Then I stepped into the garden of contemporary Romanian painter Bianca Danilov, where everything bloomed in life, hues, and textures free, wild, and spontaneous. Find Bianca on Instagram @bia_danilov


Got installation? A bold and evocative piece of collaboration between 14 Saudi-based artists, “Sgalah,” for Project Hawas. Find them on Instagram @projecthawas


The venue





See you at BIDW 2014!


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