Motherhood and Other Stories

Yesssss! He finally closes his eyes after a very long session of nonstop crying. The sudden silence is intoxicatingly intoxicating! I literally run to my workspace, with my mug and an excitement high enough to light up the whole neighborhood! I take my boxes out, spill beads, go through bags, pick a pendant, sketch a detail, take a sip of coffee, unleash strings, check my tools, visualize a detail, smile, take a very deep breath, and I hear it! No, not that inner voice eagerly announcing that I’m finally about to embark on a beautiful journey of artisanship and creation. It’s a cry; my baby boy is up again, or back from his rice feast with the angels too soon in an attempt to catch me red-handed! (I love my boy with a passion, and miss my work. With a passion!) I take a quick sip of my coffee and “Yes, baby! Mommy’s coming!” The End!



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